An Application Letter Today

The 21 st century…… everything must be quick and easy, not to get us engaged, remember things or be focused. We have computers , tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, lots of screens with applications shortcuts that can replace us in almost every activity. We are following this direction and manufacturers are doing everything to make it happen thanks to a few, simple ‘clicks’.

Modernization and digitalization giving so many advantages and making our life easier have also reached recruitment process. We do not anymore buy Monday’s newspaper supplement to find a job because we enjoy a bunch of IT amenities for that. By entering the  appropriate preferences and narrowing down the criteria, we receive notification or e-mails with job offers being the ones in the area of our interests.
AND IT STARTS…. Just click on ‘Apply’ , a few processes in the background and you are all set.

It must only be confirmed whether the file is correct, if the phone number or e-mail address have not been changed and….. THE APPLICATION HAS BEEN SENT.

A good day means over a dozen offers, one after another !

Unfortunately, it is just that sometimes some problems appear:

1. the wording ‘application documents’;

2.’ there is a ‘box’;

3. ‘a message to the employer’

4. ‘choose additional attachements’….

After all, the CV has already been attached, so the process must have been completed. What other documents or attachements are needed ? What other message to the employer ? It ‘has been clicked’ – ‘Dear Sirs, in response to your advertisement….. Yours faithfully / Yours sincerely…..’ /there is my surname and phone number/.

Then, some people remember that it is not only a CV but also an application letter and sometimes certificates’, diplomas’ or references’ copies, which constitute a set called ‘Application documents’. Our western neighbours have been using this template but is it right and necessary ? This issue is tobe discussed as both an applicant and a recruiter feel exhausted facing a several-page attachment.

AN APPLICATION LETTER… let’s focus on it…..
Is it really necessary and if yes: in what form and what it aims at? Traditionally, it was advised to write one page convincing the recruiter of your superiority over the other candidates. Yet, you were not allowed to copy the information included in your CV, and that is where the problem starts !
Searching for ready ideal letters on the Internet and then copy and paste the coolest phrases. But is really about me ? Not necessarily. Probably that led to a situation where the applicant did not feel like writing such a letter and for the recruiter reading almost identical applications, bringing no content, did not make any sense.

Perhaps it is in contradiction to the desired and expected simplicity of life, but I think that a personal form of addressing the recruiter is profitable. Everyone who participated in a job interview, no matter on which side, had to answer some questions: Why do you apply ? Why have you chosen our company ? Why do you think you are the right person for this position ? The answers are not only important but also very interesting ! Treating each application individually is significant and shows respect towards the application process and to the recruiters. There is no need to write long letters but having in mind the above mentioned ‘3 Whys’ creates anopportunity to include something personal, some message to the employer. Just write it using simple language, avoiding pompous expressions.

There is an opportunity to clarify things, express great interest in the position or the company itself which in turn will let the recruiter understand our intentions. While comparing our experience and qualifications with job offers it often happens that applicants are not 100 % fit for certain jobs. That is why, recruiters very often reject applicants because the latter ones did not have a chance to explain certain things. And it is enough to write about the motivation to change business line or a job as you did itsuccessfully in the past ! Being fully aware of the fact that there is no complete matching of a person’s profile to the job profile – I have decided to apply and hope to get a chance ! Even in relation to specific requirements or tasks in a new workplace, it is nice to show that you got familiar with them, took time to verify your competences and made a self-assessment to be shared with when applying. The fact that although we have not done certain things professionally but are certain to have all thenecessary competences and predispositions to try in a new workplace, may be a motivating factor for the recruiter to accept a new promising employee.

Now, what if over the past years we have held responsible management positions, travelled all over the country and now feel like doing something less stressful and physically demanding and just get a job as an individual employee ? Having just a CV, the recruiter will immediately see that his/her job offers do not match the particular candidate and after several dozen seconds will reject his/her application.

Summing up – remember that an individual approach to recruitment process is always better than having the recruiter convinced that our CV was sent everywhere automatically. Do not exaggerate ! Just drop a few lines about yourself not forgetting that telling the truth and focusing on important things is vital !